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Safety Services

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Click HERE to access our comprehensive Safety Library for anyone interested in
avoiding insurance claims and regulatory penalties. Additionally, all Whalen Brewery
Insurance customers receive free consulting services at a reduced rate!

Hazard Assessment

OSHA assumes that hazards are present until they are proven not to be. This service helps you comply with requirements for confined spaces, dusts and gases, noise levels and other OSHA defined hazards.

Custom-Designed Safety Programs

We can design a comprehensive safety and compliance plan for all types of craft beverage manufacturers — from respiratory protection to forklift safety to city wastewater permits.

Compliance Audit

Perfect for smaller breweries and brewpubs that don’t have in-house compliance experts. We provide an overall assessment and action plan to improve safety, environmental management and alcohol liability loss control.

Our craft beverage safety program is designed and managed by Matt Stinchfield, the BA’s Safety Ambassador. Matt has 20+ years of industrial safety and health experience and is a critically acclaimed homebrewer. Submit your safety questions to Matt Stinchfield.

Our Specialized Craft Beverage Insurance
Can Keep Your Business Brewing (or distilling or fermenting or…).

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